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Tenet Trailer 2 REACTION today! Beyond The Trailer reaction & review official trailer 2 2020! Christopher Nolan, John David Washington, Robert Pattinson!
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Tenet Trailer 2 REACTION today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph's reaction & review of the official trailer 2 for Tenet, the 2020 movie from Christopher Nolan starring John David Washington and Robert Pattinson! Share your own reaction to the official trailer 2 for Tenet before you see the full movie in 2020! And be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on FIvid today!
Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!
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Golden Goose
Golden Goose 10 tuntia sitten
Yeah so hard for an Englishmen to do an English accent 😂. And best acting yet? Have you not seen good time? Light house? Lost city of Z? Seems like you always go for these edgy takes that just fall flat for me.
Consciousness Vivid
Consciousness Vivid 23 tuntia sitten
This is a mindfuck!
Arthur Wayne
Arthur Wayne Päivä sitten
If this movie about "Time Heist" they better credit Ant Man as Writer!
d3sign3r 2 päivää sitten
Epic music as usual
Tempus Fugit
Tempus Fugit 2 päivää sitten
Robert Pattinson speaking like Peppa Pig 😜
ALAZKA ALAZKA 2 päivää sitten
Confused but looks Epic as fuck
CSVernon 3 päivää sitten
is there something Pattinson is not in, fml
Aaron Jackson
Aaron Jackson 3 päivää sitten
Can't wait...and my obsession with this movie is ALL YOUR FAULT, GRACE!...So thank you.
Adam Romero
Adam Romero 4 päivää sitten
This movie seems sooooo self-important, I'll read the Wikipedia article about the plot and then go to a bar
orly2me 4 päivää sitten
They end the movie with a big explosion... I’m reminded of the South Park episode on Inception. High brow, super complicated and cool movie, but only if you’re smart enough to get it. So put a plane blowing up in there to appeal to the lowest common denominator. Sigh, this is like Interstellar all over again, like the fancy snobs are laughing at the rest of the population and aren’t even trying to hide they feel superior. Leaves a bad taste in your mouth that you were just snubbed for not being in the in-crowd
S.M. FARHADUZZAMAN 4 päivää sitten
WB is the big boss of marvel. Marvel is nothing compared to WB
Magenta 29
Magenta 29 4 päivää sitten
“Is Robert Pattinson playing Christopher Nolan?” Yes. Just like Leonardo DiCaprio in Inception.
PureChaos 4 päivää sitten
I want to see this movie so badly. It's one of my top films of the year, but I am not risking my life to see it in theaters.
Zkeleton Z
Zkeleton Z 4 päivää sitten
Grace: I don't know what's going on with Jared Leto. Batman fans: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No more Jared Leto joker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
George Navarro
George Navarro 4 päivää sitten
My theory on the film based on this trailer and the synopsis is that Washington's character named "Protagonist" (according to released synopsis) is part of some sort of a meta intelligence program in which operatives manifest narratives by way of "death" that eradicates particular individuals participation in our plain of reality. These agents do not participate in our time space laws but can inverse time to try to adjust the narrative to an alternative reality. They act on a sort of isthmus between two outcomes. This capability is caused by some sort of psychopharmacological agent that leads one to forfeit our axioms of reality. The Afterlife is an intelligence ancillary sector that delves into some sort of paraops (paradimensional operations) it may even tackle Psychonautics and Psychological Operations. Tenet may be a cryptographic or cypher key that unlocks the potential to inverse time.
Полина E
Полина E 4 päivää sitten
not interesting
Shavindra Jayasekera
Shavindra Jayasekera 4 päivää sitten
Robert Pattinson did actually do a convincing British accent as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter ages ago
Novica M.
Novica M. 4 päivää sitten
Robert Pattinson for ten years will be James Bond
Ronnie Nimer
Ronnie Nimer 4 päivää sitten
there were few scenes that looked cool, but the trailer was unappeailing to me....
Bad Vibe
Bad Vibe 4 päivää sitten
God I don't know why they released the trailer on fortnite. Fortnite is for fucking losers. Excuse my language.
Sarah MacQueen
Sarah MacQueen 5 päivää sitten
The part about the plane reminded me of airplane and I chuckled
A Z 5 päivää sitten
John David Washington that's all I am going to say.
Laura Johnson
Laura Johnson 5 päivää sitten
Would it be too controversial to say John David is about this much more sexier than his dad?
Lucid or Intoxicated
Lucid or Intoxicated 5 päivää sitten
Lol wtf was this reaction 😂
Slo 5 päivää sitten
"I still don't know what the movie's about." That's kind of the point.
Thomas O'Callaghan
Thomas O'Callaghan 5 päivää sitten
Another Christopher Nolan movie I get to watch 4X and still won't understand, but I love him for challenging me
Zig Zag
Zig Zag 5 päivää sitten
TIL that Robert Pattinson is British.
Indo with Bad english
Indo with Bad english 5 päivää sitten
I hate twilight series so much. I despise the romantic story and those two, as a cast and as human. But robert pattinson today just come out from nowhere...
Douglas Leon 11
Douglas Leon 11 5 päivää sitten
Dark Knight Trilogy... Mmm that third one screwed
Michael Gutierrez
Michael Gutierrez 5 päivää sitten
Inception was brilliant, a masterpiece. Interstellar was crap, Nolan's worst movie. Dunkirk was just okay, a bit overrated. Tenet looks like it has Inception potential. I hope so.
Mega MovieZ
Mega MovieZ 5 päivää sitten
I’m seeing this shit in IMAX as soon as theaters open! My first Nolan movie in IMAX! It’s a cinema lovers wet dream!
Version 0.111
Version 0.111 5 päivää sitten
Q: What is this movie about? A: What if Max Caulfield actually tried to become a superhero.
Devin Leary
Devin Leary 5 päivää sitten
Due to Covid-19, Christopher Nolan has decided to postpone the movie premiere to last year!
Felhek Lehrian
Felhek Lehrian 5 päivää sitten
The famous magic square S a T o r A r E p o T e N e T O p E r a R o T a s
Nick Gurz
Nick Gurz 5 päivää sitten
grace, fix the audio
Mr. Kimble
Mr. Kimble 5 päivää sitten
Looks cool but I’m not risking my health to watch it.
Theyungcity23 5 päivää sitten
How come no one is acknowledging the James Bond parallels in this?
A J 5 päivää sitten
I don't like music
J f
J f 5 päivää sitten
Thats how Robert Pattinson talks in every interview. And why do you need to know what the movie is about. That's why you go see it.
Uldrod 6 päivää sitten
Yeah, he is that good... Also, you don't need to know what a Nolan movie is about, you just need to know that it is a Nolan movie.
charisma 6 päivää sitten
Yeah..600m worldwide
Anna Garcia
Anna Garcia 6 päivää sitten
Robert Pattinson sold me!
Jack Y M
Jack Y M 6 päivää sitten
The movie is about preventing the world war 3, isn't that enough to know what's the movie is going to be about?
Charisma 6 päivää sitten
I want to smell your feet
Jimmy stampied
Jimmy stampied 6 päivää sitten
I think I found blue marvel🤔😎😁
Ray El
Ray El 6 päivää sitten
I wasn't feeling Denzel's son. I'm not sure he has the charisma to carry this. And I'm also confused.
Matthew Chandra
Matthew Chandra 6 päivää sitten
He’s British
Matthew Chandra
Matthew Chandra 6 päivää sitten
His accent
Jordan Gibbish
Jordan Gibbish 6 päivää sitten
I'm so happy that I don't know what this movie is about after watching the second trailer. It'll be the first time ever that I'll see a new movie and not be able to figure out half the plot before I even watch it. "Don't try to understand it...feel it"
DOODLE HEAD 6 päivää sitten
How is the quality of this video worse than other. Your still indoors
Xero Wolf
Xero Wolf 6 päivää sitten
I love trailers for Nolan's movie trailers!!! They give just enough to be curious, to be asking questions but in a good way. Nolan loves to experiment with non-linear story telling. I'm get a Memento and Inception vibe all rolled up in one.
Ntuthuko Hlela
Ntuthuko Hlela 6 päivää sitten
John David Washington this guy is on the rise and I love how C. Nolan’s casting is always on point.... 😊 can’t wait to see R. Pattinson
fobudomh 6 päivää sitten
Washington jr has a very strong presence .
Javed Ahmed
Javed Ahmed 6 päivää sitten
That's pretty much Robert Pattinson's actual accent.
Alex Agaba
Alex Agaba 6 päivää sitten
Aint tell me nothin..,. Good..
Fabian Rampage
Fabian Rampage 6 päivää sitten
What Did Grace Say At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="225">3:45</a> "Holy Crap Robert Pattinson............"?
NEIL HANSTOCK 6 päivää sitten
Robert Pattinson is English. The accent he has in this trailer, isn't much different to his natural one. He has just 'poshed' it up a bit.
Olympia Lowlife
Olympia Lowlife 6 päivää sitten
When I saw the 1st trailer ahead of Star Wars it took my breath away! A must in IMAX!
Don Ellis
Don Ellis 6 päivää sitten
Looks much very like Inception 2.
GenreOnline 6 päivää sitten
Grace: "I have no idea what it's about!" Me: "Neither do I."
WelchWorks 6 päivää sitten
That moment you play Robert Pattinson's life in reverse and find out he's actually English.
Gavin Vales
Gavin Vales 6 päivää sitten
I saw the trailer on its own before your video Grace. I'm disappointed in you, you weren't early enough...
Gregg Lienhart
Gregg Lienhart 6 päivää sitten
One Lots going on but what is going on? Two Pattison is Malibu ken
Devin Leary
Devin Leary 6 päivää sitten
You enter this movie with an empty popcorn cup and when you leave it’s full.
Boaz Ehiogu
Boaz Ehiogu 6 päivää sitten
I have no idea what's going on but it looks cool so i'll see it (when it safe too)
ilovecatweazle 6 päivää sitten
Still gonna wait for reviews, I need more information before I would chance going to a theatre. Wonder Woman is still the only film I'm prepared to chance spreading a virus.
NoisyAF 6 päivää sitten
will she ever gonna buy a decent quality mic?
Lance Lovecraft
Lance Lovecraft 6 päivää sitten
The purpose is not to know what is happening in the trailer. No spoilers pls.
Jon Doe
Jon Doe 6 päivää sitten
I’m thinking this never happened because of reverse.
GlareBox 6 päivää sitten
If Nolan doesn't get the Bond director's job after this, then the studios are crazy. This trailer is a taste of how he might reinvent the franchize.
sean wade
sean wade 6 päivää sitten
He's good with accents just watch Damsel
Jerry RN
Jerry RN 6 päivää sitten
Didn’t Tom Cruise already do this in “The Minority Report”?
Patty and Greice Irmãs Rodrigues
You know what, for this movie and Black Widow, I'll totally go to theaters. My city is in phase 2 of opening and according to calendar, cinemas are in phase 4, likely end of July or early August. I'm fortunate to live in a state with very few deaths and lots of hospital room availabl. Only 7% of our hospitals are occupied by Corona patients. My governor is the best!
Andy S
Andy S 6 päivää sitten
Really excited for this film. The only thing that could poss ruin it for me is Robert bloody Pattinson & his lousy Colin Firth impression 🤬👎
E Walton
E Walton 6 päivää sitten
3DMaster 6 päivää sitten
I'm not intrigued, seems like a classic case of Nolan starting to believe his own hype; all I see in this is pretentious nonsense.
Joseph Powell
Joseph Powell 6 päivää sitten
Damjan Plamenac
Damjan Plamenac 6 päivää sitten
Grace is so cheesy.
jedison george
jedison george 6 päivää sitten
The face she makes, while watching trailers... 🤣🤣
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 6 päivää sitten
Apparently you haven't seen the Lighthouse then? Cause Pattinson is really talented with emulating certain accents.
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