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Jeffree Star is at it again! With his new Cremated Eyeshadow Palette, a lot of people have had a lot of opinions. This all-grey eyeshadow palette definitely is the talk of the town, and today I’m taking it for a ride! What do I think of the drama + is the quality any good? LET’S FIND OUT TOGETHER!!! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE!
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NikkieTutorials 8 päivää sitten
Scarlett Hardy
Scarlett Hardy 8 päivää sitten
eunice santos it was delayed because of lockdown in Cali and wear houses being closed, please follow up on things before you stop supporting someone lol!
Scarlett Hardy
Scarlett Hardy 8 päivää sitten
stan lana del rey he also mentioned that the launch go delayed.
Madmax 1.4
Madmax 1.4 8 päivää sitten
Cant wait!!!
Scarlett Hardy
Scarlett Hardy 8 päivää sitten
stan lana del rey it wouldn’t have mattered people would die from COVID no matter what, people would still hate on it. And he said he didn’t want to release expired makeup cause he’s been working on this for a while, you should watch his video
Scarlett Hardy
Scarlett Hardy 8 päivää sitten
Oodle of the Noodle I mean it is called cremated so it’s the theme.
JustChipish 3 tuntia sitten
Chanella Hermeslla
Chanella Hermeslla 3 tuntia sitten
Becky Erosa
Becky Erosa 4 tuntia sitten
need those lashes
Cenaida Cisneros
Cenaida Cisneros 4 tuntia sitten
Did you say nude/brown Pomerania palette!! I wish!!!
Olivia Stevens
Olivia Stevens 4 tuntia sitten
I can't get over how pretty she is aah, and I love her ear piercings.
Rosemarie Collins
Rosemarie Collins 4 tuntia sitten
That dark smokey eye is EVERYTHING
Ivelisse Gonzalez
Ivelisse Gonzalez 4 tuntia sitten
Who's hating on this video 🤣😂🤣😂🤬 have some calm down juice.
Rosemarie Collins
Rosemarie Collins 4 tuntia sitten
Life goes on and his palette was on it's way out, so ppl really need to chill .
ohsnapgeorgia 5 tuntia sitten
She spends so much time slating the theme and name of the palette and then says she’s “dead” ???
LA Coopa
LA Coopa 6 tuntia sitten
Death is a part of life and none of us will escape it. It’s a stunning palette
nerfthissummer 6 tuntia sitten
quit licking y’alls wounds & move on... if you don’t like it don’t buy it or scroll past it 🥳🤚🏽
Jamesd Reviloj
Jamesd Reviloj 7 tuntia sitten
Villian (right side) and Superhero. Great job.
I have got to say, the name cremated is fine and it’s cool. People need to chill!! I mean sure the timing isn’t great but he already planned for it before the virus. Yeah it’s kinda touchy but it’s also a beautiful thing, death can be beautiful and people need to notice that.
Sara Sharhan
Sara Sharhan 8 tuntia sitten
I love her honesty and explanation and her relatable energy
Not Quite Scheherazade
Not Quite Scheherazade 8 tuntia sitten
Okay, so naming conventions and themes aside, the main issue with Jeffree Star is that HE IS A NAZI. This information and the (not at all subtle or hidden) evidence is easily accessible and has been out there for a long time.
Kristina Baker
Kristina Baker 8 tuntia sitten
Those colors are gorgeous 😍😍😍 i neeeds
Neji Hyuuga
Neji Hyuuga 8 tuntia sitten
i am LIVING for those grey tones omg!! and what u created with this palette is just amazing and stunning! so beautiful omg...
Taylor Alexa
Taylor Alexa 9 tuntia sitten
We have to stay 6 ft apart so we aren’t 6 feet under 🤣
April Ruiz
April Ruiz 9 tuntia sitten
IM FED UP WITH 2020 and I’m leaving bye
it's kaylyn!
it's kaylyn! 9 tuntia sitten
It’s a beautiful pallet!
Tressym 10 tuntia sitten
Lord, I want that sequin top.
The Life Of Sam
The Life Of Sam 10 tuntia sitten
I love this collections, It makes me want to do more looks with darker shades 😊😊 !
Whatever Is Clever
Whatever Is Clever 10 tuntia sitten
Ludovic PINEAU
Ludovic PINEAU 10 tuntia sitten
Bonjour Nikkie fait un maquillage sur le thème de mon pays la France 😀😇
Janelle Vandersteen
Janelle Vandersteen 11 tuntia sitten
Just like the drama surrounding this pallet😂
CandiceeeeeeIs 11 tuntia sitten
Okay but maybe he’s channeling his life into his work and art. And he has stated he hasn’t mourned his dogs, he’s probably still a little heart broken from his ex, and he has remained transparent about his mother. Sounds like a lot of death even if it’s not all actual death. Also idea pitch next pallet a god damn pheonex... rising from the mf ashesss. Low key hope one of y’all see this for this idea lol. I’d wear it
O B 11 tuntia sitten
I got the bloodlust palette & wanted this one too but I’m 15 & can’t work rn cause of corona🙄😂 but yeah. The formula used in the bloodlust palette was amazing quality. This one appears to go on just as smoothly, if not smoother and it’s so beautiful😍
Kaylee Kills
Kaylee Kills 12 tuntia sitten
if you have time to worry about the name of a palette you have must have time to rethink some decisions.
Crab Gal
Crab Gal 12 tuntia sitten
Cremation is a totally normal part of death. It’s actually much cheaper to opt for cremation than it is for burial. The timing is unfortunate, but honestly the palette seems tastefully morbid. Obviously that was the vibe Jefree was going for
doliio volay
doliio volay 12 tuntia sitten
the people getting pressed over this palette are the same people using terms like “I’m dead” or “I’m deceased” to describe something funny. The hypocrisy is real.
Sazi Mashinini
Sazi Mashinini 12 tuntia sitten
What about a no foundation, concealer and powder challenge.
doliio volay
doliio volay 12 tuntia sitten
I LOVE the theme. yes. death is part of life. a beautiful part. like the palette :)
Cam Videtzky
Cam Videtzky 12 tuntia sitten
Love the video! Super Professional!
Albireo Cygni
Albireo Cygni 12 tuntia sitten
Very interesting palette, the result of the make up is special, the colours are sparkle in a dark way, and the quality of Jeffree Star's products is high!
Corgi &me
Corgi &me 12 tuntia sitten
Ross Rivero
Ross Rivero 12 tuntia sitten
Hey Nikkie i got an new challenge for you go to Robert Welsh he just challenged all makeup artist to do the my makeup in real life challenge 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻💄
Isabella Loignon
Isabella Loignon 13 tuntia sitten
Agggghhhhhh bringing back memories of my late friend
Keily Raggio
Keily Raggio 13 tuntia sitten
Would you say the palette is to die for
Andy Lynn
Andy Lynn 13 tuntia sitten
OMG‼️‼️😱 STUNNING‼️ The GRIJS shadows make you EYES 👀 POP‼️
Mahak Kh
Mahak Kh 13 tuntia sitten
Skylar Adele
Skylar Adele 13 tuntia sitten
I love the colors.
Sabrina Bennett
Sabrina Bennett 13 tuntia sitten
People get cremated all the time 🤦‍♀️
Yasss Qūëëñ
Yasss Qūëëñ 13 tuntia sitten
Yeah people are just dying this year people die all the damn time so people are overreacting over something as simple and natural as death he planned this out ahead of time he didn’t know there was going to be a global pandemic y’all need to chill
Ayla Here
Ayla Here 13 tuntia sitten
Ppl look for a reason to hate anything I love the theme and I think it’s a coincidence because like she said it takes a long time to develop makeup , anyway can’t wait to get it when it’s back in stock it sold out in seconds
Brandy Bellmann
Brandy Bellmann 13 tuntia sitten
I really like this pallet you can make So many different neutral looks. Thanks for the two fab looks.💚
Aspectrabund 14 tuntia sitten
Its bridal makeup its 50 shades of wannabe gothic just 10x the price
Mackenzie Rae Preston
Mackenzie Rae Preston 14 tuntia sitten
Yall so fuckin sensitive about the God damn name. It was all chosen BEFORE the pandemic happened. Plus I think its hilarious anyway. I love dark humor.
shir Wish
shir Wish 14 tuntia sitten
I LOVE the theme. yes. death is part of life. a beautiful part. like the palette :)
Liliana Ibarra
Liliana Ibarra 14 tuntia sitten
Super bello nikkie ❤👍
Hannah Loesch
Hannah Loesch 14 tuntia sitten
“If you get can just disregard everything this palette stands for including it’s name and names of the shades which were so carefully chosen by Jeffree over months and months and just focus on the shades then this palette is amazing” - Nikki (No mama! I want the whole package! I was that weird kid and to even insinuate that this palette is even being slightly slanted toward all of the virus deaths is wrong. Thanks have a nice day)
mk tmy
mk tmy 14 tuntia sitten
You should do the the one dip challenge were you dip your brush only once in the product!!
Jen Mack
Jen Mack 14 tuntia sitten
It's embarrassing how sensitive people are 🤦🏼 although I bet most of these "offended" people are just looking to cancel another successful person. That's usually the "tone". Get over it.
Ashley W
Ashley W 15 tuntia sitten
If anything the name is more iconic for the times were in. Also had a grandparent die. Also cremated. Listen to the people effected. It’s ok.
Misha Johanna
Misha Johanna 15 tuntia sitten
I actually think that it came out in just the perfect timing.
Itzthatgirl_zii 15 tuntia sitten
If I get this I hope I can make it work for my skin tone👀💀😂 you rocked this look tho girlllll😍🔥
Lexy Cassell
Lexy Cassell 15 tuntia sitten
anyone know where her shirt is from :(
Alexandra Gonzalez
Alexandra Gonzalez 15 tuntia sitten
Why are you endorsing something that clearly triggers you??
insecure Msp
insecure Msp 16 tuntia sitten
Y'all need to not be so tense. It's a eye shadow pallet, it's not hurting anyone in anyway shape or form. You guys are just acting as if it's going to kill you. Let's face it, if this corona virus wasn't going around & people weren't dying this wouldn't be a problem to most. You need to calm your horses.
Leo A-Y
Leo A-Y 16 tuntia sitten
I'm not phased by the pallet. Personally I just think it's a strange name for a pallet. I can understand why people are upset (you don't know what people are going through) but I do think Jeffree should have at least postponed so there wasn't as much backlash plus we're all running out of money and bringing out an expensive pallet called cremated when people are broke, scared and mourning sudden losses of loved ones without being able to say goodbye was probably not wise on Jefrees part
KC Rogers
KC Rogers 16 tuntia sitten
I think the pallet is beautiful just not wearable in my life with my style 🖤🤍
Kayla De Luna
Kayla De Luna 16 tuntia sitten
I'm over Jeffree and it's not because of the name 🙄
elle 17 tuntia sitten
We all die someday. Get over it.
GRACE IHUAKU STEPHEN 17 tuntia sitten
Gurl your complain about fall out it's becoming like a shade
Andrea Beth
Andrea Beth 17 tuntia sitten
I love the palette! I do wear colored shadows too, but I have always gravitated toward black, grey, brown and white shadows. This was like an answered prayer! So gorgeous!
Nala 305
Nala 305 17 tuntia sitten
My issue with the palette is purely that I don't think a grey and super muted tone palette needs to be that big; cause realistically people won't use those colours that often and it's real big and a lot of money 🤷🏼‍♀️
Amy lynn37
Amy lynn37 17 tuntia sitten
I’m in love with this pallet! It’s stunning. I have one gripe, I’m over 40 yrs old and I know how he does giveaways. I don’t have all the sites. 😢🤬. This is by far my favorite.
Miki Vicki
Miki Vicki 18 tuntia sitten
Then WHY the F*** you put yikes on your video title!!!???
Lina 18 tuntia sitten
Me clicking on this video already knowing what I'm getting into. Here we fucking go.
Maykha Alexa
Maykha Alexa 18 tuntia sitten
love her so much "even though its 6 feat away now' en ik ben ook hollander
MommaShawna 18 tuntia sitten
I lost my Pomeranian last week due to kidney failure and I first watch JS video and balled my eyes out and then now I’m watching yours just enjoying the tutorial and here comes a Pomeranian and here comes the tears. My heart is just so broken.
Mimosa Mounia
Mimosa Mounia 19 tuntia sitten
One eye with make up you look like terminator 😭😭😭 love you Nikki
Ghost 19 tuntia sitten
No offense but you look like a Barbie doll and not in a good way maybe if you took all that make up off ud look good
alfie thompson
alfie thompson 19 tuntia sitten
although the pallet is AMAZING i don’t think it should of been brought out in the pandemic, this would of made an amazing halloween pallet
Paige Preston
Paige Preston 19 tuntia sitten
I thought she was gonna say that it is causing trouble because people might not be able to afford it at this time..not that it's about death
I kind of like avocados
I kind of like avocados 20 tuntia sitten
Yal want something to get mad about? Be mad about what happened to GEORGE FLOYD and not a fucking pallet.
alyssiasbeauty 20 tuntia sitten
I love how she has the background and her top matched with jefferee’s palette✨😍🖤
Jade Carlos
Jade Carlos 20 tuntia sitten
The way she says cremated... cringe the whole video😩
A Z 21 tunti sitten
Not with my gay dollars.
Rita Correia
Rita Correia 21 tunti sitten
Releasing 24 shades of grey/black in the summer isn't the best timing tbh. This is something you would wear once to a party and then put it back in the drawer.
Henriette Petersen
Henriette Petersen 22 tuntia sitten
THE SHIMMER OMGOSH Also people need to chill about the name of the pallette
jeffree star bashing kylie’s brand
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