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The video is about radio rebel
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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on FIvid, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.









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Rens Jans-Beken
Rens Jans-Beken 8 tuntia sitten
Hello Radio Rebel, I'm dad.
Jade Asean
Jade Asean 8 tuntia sitten
Do the movie Holes,, it’s Gemini Season!!!
delicious _biskit
delicious _biskit 8 tuntia sitten
Nobody: Me when I come back to school after quarantine: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="142">2:22</a>
Belle Anglin
Belle Anglin 8 tuntia sitten
Do camp rock 😂
wonderjo 8 tuntia sitten
Minute men
I27T I84
I27T I84 8 tuntia sitten
Jesus, how were Disney movies this cringey?? how did grown adults participate in this shit?
I27T I84
I27T I84 8 tuntia sitten
I'm DECEASED I. haven't laughed this much in fucking years-- thank you, dammy
You Stupid
You Stupid 8 tuntia sitten
Ah yes every "shy" teenager makes the weirdest and quirkiest faces and bullies janitors
Hestia -
Hestia - 8 tuntia sitten
Honestly that gym class was my public school gym class: teacher just kinda set us free, people were doing whatever most of the time
Payton Young
Payton Young 8 tuntia sitten
Online security belongs to the nords (VPN)
Margharet 8 tuntia sitten
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="220">3:40</a> Gavin: * enters * Tara: Aight imma head out.
Lavanya Ramaswami
Lavanya Ramaswami 8 tuntia sitten
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="768">12:48</a> they dont know about the sharpner hack from troom troom 🙄🙄😂
Carly* Clark*
Carly* Clark* 8 tuntia sitten
So I have never seen this guy before but he is funny as f*ckk 😂🤣
pan banan
pan banan 8 tuntia sitten
I like how students in the background are all dressed normally but every character who has at least two lines in this movie is dressed like model from 2000's teen magazine.
Poppy Chohan
Poppy Chohan 8 tuntia sitten
No one: Tera throughout the whole movie: 👁️👄👁️
Duck 8 tuntia sitten
i need the dustpan, too
Kali 8 tuntia sitten
Watch any of the Descendants movies
Maya B
Maya B 8 tuntia sitten
Please do camp rock and camp rock 2
Haley Henry
Haley Henry 8 tuntia sitten
Pleaseee Check out Dont look Under the bed. Very old school disney movie . I know you'd make it.fucking awesome.
hem hem
hem hem 8 tuntia sitten
that b-tech ron weasley’s outfits scare me
Jamie Junk
Jamie Junk 8 tuntia sitten
You should check out Spud the Slug.
Pipi Habibi
Pipi Habibi 8 tuntia sitten
If you look at the subscribe button on the right bottom corner it says sijscribe
Sophie Botros
Sophie Botros 8 tuntia sitten
please please PLEASE do geek charming it is the best
Jade Da Slytherin
Jade Da Slytherin 8 tuntia sitten
I knew this was like last year but I miss papa he was rudely replaced
MMQ 8 tuntia sitten
She wants everyone to wear red and rise up against authority? We all know what she's really at 😏💅
Huneybee Chan;3
Huneybee Chan;3 9 tuntia sitten
G R E G R R E E G R E G ..... Yea I'm bringing that back from that other comment from like 2 years ago....
Alex J. Qeblawi
Alex J. Qeblawi 9 tuntia sitten
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="922">15:22</a> I spat my coffee all over my screen
666 subscribers with no videos challenge
this movie has “I’m not like other girls, I’m quirky.” vibes
Karen A.
Karen A. 9 tuntia sitten
Is anyone else’s gym class like this one? 👁👄👁
Samantha Harvey
Samantha Harvey 9 tuntia sitten
Please watch minute men😵😵
Cassandra Faria
Cassandra Faria 9 tuntia sitten
Oh my god.... Her step dad.... iS sHeRiF kELLeR fRoM riVeRdALe Like before he was even sHeRiF I- Lmaooo wtf
Naropsd 9 tuntia sitten
how dare you disrespect Debby Ryan
Beibhinn Connell
Beibhinn Connell 9 tuntia sitten
Tara: pressed button Button: drxxgchvjbihihihydysraararsycuvub
karan lally
karan lally 9 tuntia sitten
I died at “Gavin fuk me” 😂
Indie plumx
Indie plumx 9 tuntia sitten
When I heard radio rebel I immediately thought of the spin off nerf line nerf rebelle Yknow the one that always made like crossbows and stuff
musfirah khan
musfirah khan 9 tuntia sitten
Kirk Noble
Kirk Noble 9 tuntia sitten
mr mario
mr mario 9 tuntia sitten
No one's gonna point out that Terra is the grown woman from jessie witch came out 1 year before radio rebel and she's playing a teenager
Erica Hester
Erica Hester 9 tuntia sitten
When our high school banned headphones, there almost was a mutiny. There was a whole rebellious facebook group page for it and everything...
MRSN 9 tuntia sitten
I've seen this movie a few times before, but only just realised that Terra's stepdad is Sheriff Keller from Riverdale!
さRxłãはた か
さRxłãはた か 9 tuntia sitten
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="994">16:34</a> I’m dying laughing
Tina 9 tuntia sitten
worst part about this is it came out in 2017
The weird corner of the internet
Hey Danny, ever thought about reviewing Nollywood?
Channel 4
Channel 4 9 tuntia sitten
Why the hell does she wear a headset with a microphone, along with two microphones in front of her face.
nelliethebaer 10 tuntia sitten
Is it just me, or does Danny kinda look like Lip from shameless?
Horby López
Horby López 10 tuntia sitten
I think it would be amazing if you reviewed let it shine. I think you’d have a field day.
Jess Burton
Jess Burton 10 tuntia sitten
Danny should host his own Morp for all the kids who’s prom got cancelled bc of Corona and call it Gerg
karavie 10 tuntia sitten
i can watch this video 10 times and not get bored
Cukie_ 10 tuntia sitten
do Cloud 9
Jo-el Newman
Jo-el Newman 10 tuntia sitten
Ignore the burner account name but my name is Greg and I am a Greg.
cora 10 tuntia sitten
Zapped is such a weird Disney Channel-movie, you should totally react to it
riley mackey
riley mackey 10 tuntia sitten
I watched this video to stop myself from having nightmares about Riverdale because I know Danny is funny but I come to this video just to see that sheriff Keller from Riverdale is in the movie and now I’m still terrified of the black hood if you know what i mean😂
Scarlett Rhinehart
Scarlett Rhinehart 10 tuntia sitten
Dude you gotta do more Disney Channel movies
matt dwyer
matt dwyer 10 tuntia sitten
I can not believe Danny never talked about the scene where Debby Ryan tries to leave the radio station, but there's a crowd outside looking for Radio Rebel so Debby Ryan orders a sandwich and gets inside a sandwich mascot costume. At the same time the 2 guys who are obsessed are in a cardboard box that's decked out with spygear and periscopes
Corinthian Tucker
Corinthian Tucker 10 tuntia sitten
i CANNOT stop staring at the picture in the back
Samantha Jane
Samantha Jane 10 tuntia sitten
why does the principal assume radio rebel is from that school
Mikan San
Mikan San 10 tuntia sitten
I remember enjoying this as a kid. *And I don't know why.*
icecream hero
icecream hero 10 tuntia sitten
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="568">9:28</a> Hehehehe You look like the Grinch.
Sierra Melody
Sierra Melody 10 tuntia sitten
where is disney finding their writers and wardrobe staff? like how do such talentless people get hired there??
Uncultured swine
Uncultured swine 10 tuntia sitten
Radio rebel was kinda good tho
Amy Trieger
Amy Trieger 10 tuntia sitten
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="288">4:48</a> is so subtle and so understated, but it took me out
Dorpy Pikawahat
Dorpy Pikawahat 10 tuntia sitten
I am radio rebel
譚Ab 10 tuntia sitten
Ngl you remind me of ben from never have I ever
Demii Watson
Demii Watson 10 tuntia sitten
Please do Luck Of The Irish that was my favorite on Disney
KAKTUSS 10 tuntia sitten
I never saw this movie but that is Todd from The Magicians not Gavin
anna 10 tuntia sitten
I’ve only watched the german version...and the voice modulator just sounds like a robot in german.. Also <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1140">19:00</a> is a real scream in the german version😂
Yao Creati
Yao Creati 11 tuntia sitten
I need that hoodie
MusicMonkey 11 tuntia sitten
This used to be my favorite movie XD I’ve seen it more times than I’d like to admit
Femme Justice
Femme Justice 11 tuntia sitten
The editing is getting so good on these
Bela Welch
Bela Welch 11 tuntia sitten
It’s very ironic that the stepdad is a dad in Riverdale
ItzJuliana Maldonado
ItzJuliana Maldonado 11 tuntia sitten
Also the guy that Gavin is talking to is from my : Baby Sitter Is A Vampire show and movie and the guy plays : Benny
Dua Ali
Dua Ali 11 tuntia sitten
The moral/message of the story is “Don’t be shy, put some more”
Rhys 10 tuntia sitten
You're giving me PTSD
pandaxlaura 11 tuntia sitten
i was wondering why the name “Atticus Mitchell” stood out to me so much. annnnd then i remember its Benny from My Babysitter’s a Vampire :P
Bela Welch
Bela Welch 11 tuntia sitten
😏+😌= Debbie Ryan
John Brooks
John Brooks 11 tuntia sitten
I was that one kid wearing suits every day
ItzJuliana Maldonado
ItzJuliana Maldonado 11 tuntia sitten
She is the girl from Jessi when she was a bit younger
Artyboy 11 tuntia sitten
Review Zapped next, it's hot garbage
Caromy 11 tuntia sitten
I'm Gonzalez too :0
wiggly fruit
wiggly fruit 11 tuntia sitten
Why does the Greg hoodie ripoff the Gorillaz font
Emily Jay
Emily Jay 11 tuntia sitten
16 wishes!!! (Or 16 candles I don’t freaking remember what it’s called)
Gayathri Nair
Gayathri Nair 11 tuntia sitten
why did my mom have to walk in to my rooom exactly when danny moaned oh daddy twice
Rosalie Nepinak
Rosalie Nepinak 11 tuntia sitten
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