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Markku Alén & 612-hevosvoimainen sähköinen rallycross-auto (Teknavi 2020)
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Sähkö on isossa roolissa myös tulevaisuuden moottoriurheilusarjoissa. Markku Alén selvittää yli 600-hevosvoimaisen sähköisen rallycross-auton suorituskyvyn. LUE LISÄÄ: teknavi.fi facebook.com/Teknavi.fi/ instagram.com/teknavifi/ twitter.com/Teknavi
Henri opettaa kädenvääntöä | Kevyt Viikko
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Seuraa SOME:ssa ► Jesse Eats: bit.ly/38tCCTy ► Facebook: bit.ly/2SL24xb ► Instagram: bit.ly/2XEtXLL ►Musiikki MJ Snow - 80s Sunglasses bit.ly/2LzmHua "Larecate" FIvid bit.ly/2rmWbcg SoundCloud bit.ly/2G04aWU Instagram - bit.ly/2RLcoEq
Sedät Ylipainojuoksussa (200kg!)
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Tällä kertaa testasimme miltä tuntuu yleisurheilu kahdensadan kilon elopainolla. Testilajina toimii juoksulajien kuningasmatka 100 metriä.
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I love playing golf but man is it ever tough to find any kind of consistency that isn't just terrible. Every time I think I have it figured out I get humbled real quick by major shanks. I can't even hit any woods or drivers because of the lack of control. Super Slice as I always call i...
Ankle Breaking 1V1 Against TheFlightMike!
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Thanks for Tuning In!! #June Lets Get 4 Million Together! Daily Livestream www.twitch.tv/flight23white Follow my instagram instagram.com/Flight23White_ FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER twitter.com/Flight23White
💦Football Wipe It Down Challenge💦 (Feat Frontmen Ronaldo Messi + TikTok Compilation)
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The best wipe-it-down wins! Give this video a thumbs-up if you hate TikTok... ⚽️ Subscribe to 442oons: bit.ly/442oonsSUB ⚽️ ✋Please note: these shitty cartoons are not made for kids. They contain profanity, cartoon violence and non-child themes✋ 👕New Merch! 442oons T-Shirts+Phone Cases👕 👉🏻tees...
Pretending to be an employee - Imposter
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Ben has stooped to some new lows in his effort to scam Playtech... this time masquerading as an imposter employee. Get a 12% discount off all SteelSeries products by using our code VLDL12. Not only do you get a special discount but we make 8% on all sales! So get a great deal and help support us...
Creating The WORST F1 Circuit Ever!
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There are plenty of ultimate F1 circuits out there but we've created the ultimate BAD one using the worst parts of tracks from the current calendar. SUBSCRIBE to WTF1 bit.ly/WTF1Subscribe Visit Our Shop: bit.ly/2tepK1e ----- Follow WTF1 ----- Subscribe to WTF1: bit.ly/WTF1Subscribe On ou...
UFC 250 Free Fight: Sean O'Malley vs Jose Quinonez
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Less than three months ago, Sean O'Malley returned to the Octagon in style after a layoff with a first round knockout. O'Malley faces former WEC bantamweight champion Eddie Wineland at UFC 250 on Saturday, June 6. Subscribe to get all the latest UFC content: bit.ly/2uJRzRR Experienc...
The 10 Heaviest Hands in MMA History
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Go Subscribe to our new channel Extras On Point at: fivid.info/user-giw... Like, share and subscribe to our channel if you dig our content. Follow us on social media at: Twitter: twitter.com/OnPointMMA Tommy's Twitter: twitter.com/TommyToeHold MJ's Twitter: twitter.com/ThomMJMoore Tom...
10 moments that led to the decline of Williams in F1
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Williams's time holding out as a true independent in F1 could be coming to an end, with the team undergoing a strategic review to safeguard its future that could result in all or part of it being sold. In this video, Edd Straw traces Williams's downturn from 1990s championship-winning p...
F1 REWIND | 2019 Brazilian Grand Prix | Presented by Pirelli
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One iconic circuit, one unforgettable race. It's never too soon to re-live an instant classic, so sit back and enjoy the 2019 Brazilian Grand Prix in all its chaotic glory, presented by Pirelli. For more F1® videos, visit www.Formula1.com Follow F1®: instagram.com/F1 facebook.com/Formula1/...
NHL: Rare Illegal Equipment/Delay of Game Penalties
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I'm lucky to be part of an affiliate program with a company called Jerseys Made Easy. They are based in Canada and ship anywhere in the US. They're perfect for any sports teams looking to make custom jerseys or custom apparel. For hockey teams they also have the option to customize hock...
Jon Jones confronts vandals in his city and forces them to hand over spray cans,McGregor reacts
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-Buy MMA WORLD Merchandise teechip.com/stores/mmaworld3 -Support us on Patreon! www.patreon.com/mmaworld -Follow us on Instagram instagram.com/mmaworlddotcom Francis Ngannou on Jon Jones, Checkout 'Ariel Helwani's MMA SHOW'-itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/ariel-helwanis-mma-show/id...
18 holes
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Today we went to falling creek park and tested out our new vlog equipment and some new discs. Going to regularly post content so make sure to subscribe to my channel and if you liked this video give it a thumbs up! 👩‍❤️‍👨 Wife Caddie Challenge fivid.info/videot/nWbPbavUlWuim5E.html 💪🏽 Practice ...
Hafthor Responds to Cheating Video/ Retires? - Kai Greene Photoshop Controversy + 705lb Bench X 4
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#HafthorBjornsson #EddieHall #KaiGreene TIMESTAMPS BELOW Juliua Maddox benches 705 x 4- 0:48 Thor Responds to 2017 Cheating Video- 4:20 Athleticon Cancelled- 10:00 New IFBB 2020 Dates- 11:38 Kai Greene Photoshop- 14:25 Thor's Full Twitch Video- 17:09 *Interact with me on social media* -Ins...
This is basically Strongman
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Follow me on instagram: instagram.com/back.guy Subscribe for more memes and bad content :)
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Ссылка на НОВЫЙ МЕРЧ ВЛАДА А4 - a4shop.ru Канал ГЛЕНТА: bit.ly/2Gwxge4 Качай МОЁ новое приложение «А4 Головоломки» по ссылке - a4logic.by/go Качай еще одно МОЁ приложение “А4 Колесо фортуны” по ссылке - a4roulette.onelink.me/v63S/go ***** В этом видео мы одновременно залезли в большой БАТУТ...
Why It's Almost Impossible to Do 60 Push ups in 30 Seconds | WORLD RECORD
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Why It's Almost Impossible to Do 60 Push ups in 30 Seconds | WORLD RECORD $250,000 PROJECT - www.patreon.com/StanBrowney I saw this video online from 6 years ago where a guy broke the record for most pushups done in 30 seconds, he did 47 push ups, I thought I can do that and I beat the reco...
Ken Block Teaches His 13-Year-Old Daughter To Do Donuts... in the Gymkhana Ford Escort!
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It’s pretty crazy how fast things are changing day to day here in Utah. One week ago my family and I built a mini-Gymkhana GRiD practice course inside my Hoonigan Racing workshop (fivid.info/videot/fKjRjpq9b4Kbisw.html), and this week my daughter Lia and I are at an actual race track with an enti...
I Trained for 3 Months to Run as Fast as Kylian Mbappé
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Buy a t-shirt to support the NHS: copforcarers.com/ I trained for 2 months in 2018 and April of 2020 to see if I could run as fast as Kylian Mbappe. Could have titled it “2 Years” instead of “3 months” so as a reward for me refraining from thirsting for views, the least you could do is share this...
WTF Happened to Pastor Maldonado (feat. TommoF1)
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Pastor Maldonado had quite the reputation throughout his Formula 1 tenure, and still does to this day. From strange crashes, to grand prix victories, the one they call "Crashtor" had a tumultuous Formula 1 career. And then it went. So, what happened to him? A special thank you to Tommo...
The Try Guys Try Boxing
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Who's gonna beat who to the punch? Watch us learn how to box! + get ready for a bonus release! Tune in tomorrow morning at 8AM PST to watch the FULL FIGHT! Are you a business looking to work with The Try Guys? Reach out to us at [email protected] for all business inquiries! 🎧THE TR...
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БЕСПЛАТНО, НО ЦЕННО - clck.ru/NQini Моя страница в Вк - vk.com/n1maks Пару дней назад - мы снимали видеоролик "СКОЛЬКО ВОСКА МОЖНО СОСКРЕСТИ СО 100КГ ЯБЛОК?".. Воск мы сняли, а яблоки остались. Съесть такое количество яблок - невозможно, до тех пор пока они не испортятся.. Даже коман...
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Why Martial Arts Are Suddenly Being Exposed as Fake
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The fake martial arts that have been exposed. Subscribe: bit.ly/thoughty2 | Support Me: bit.ly/t2patreon Get the Thoughty2 book: unbound.com/books/thoughty2 I can only create these videos every week because of the amazing support of my Patrons. Please consider supporting me on Patreon to ensure ...