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Kaupallinen yhteistyö Nextory | 30 päivää ilmaisia äänikirjoja ja e-kirjoja IKILOMALLA koodilla: bit.ly/2L0tJa3 voimassa 15.6.2020 asti | Meidän perheen uudet päivärutiinit esitellään nyt tunti tunnilta ja tällä videolla kerromme miksi ihmeessä heräämme vapaaehtoisesti joka aamu klo 05:00. Tämän ...
MEGAPITKÄ Q&A | Ensisuudelma? Surkein treffikokemus? Mielipide 5G:stä?
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Nyt puhutaan asioista, joihin te halusitte vastauksen! Kirjota kommenttikenttään mitä ajatuksia tämä herätti. www.kansalaisaloite.fi/fi/aloite/6572 🦠 instagram.com/freesimuija 🦠 www.tiktok.com/@freesimuija?
This is 50x faster than your PC… HOLY $H!T
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MAINGEAR Element (Amazon): rebrand.ly/glcvkzw MAINGEAR Element: rebrand.ly/86ytbbl Browse Micro Center’s work and learn from home products: rebrand.ly/g2xo4mo Save 10% and Free Worldwide Shipping at Ridge Wallets by using offer code LINUS at www.ridge.com/LINUS Today we take a look at an SSD fr...
How To Remove a Computer Virus
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Today I show you how to remove any virus from a computer/laptop. Is your computer running slow? You might have a virus! Malware is incredibly dangerous - It may be stealing your personal information including passwords and bank details. Sometimes you won't even know you have one. This video ...
ORIGINAL CONCEPT: Reviewing Your Reddit Submissions
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Let me review some of your submissions. Maybe we learn something?! The first 1000 people to use this link will get a 2 month free trial of Skillshare Premium Membership: skl.sh/electroboom7 Support ElectroBOOM: patreon.com/electroboom Checkout my merch: teespring.com/stores/electroboom Checkout ...
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blacklivesmatter.com Donera till officiella minnesfonden för George Floyd: www.gofundme.com/f/georgefloyd Namninsamling ”Justice for George Floyd” (tar seriöst 3 sekunder att skriva under, alla kan göra det): www.change.org/p/mayor-jacob-frey-justice-for-george-floyd ”A Guide to Allyship”: do...
Escobar Responds! A PSA
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Don't do it. MrWhoseTheBoss video: fivid.info/videot/mouuiWuesIuZcqY.html Go to expressvpn.com/MKBHD and find out how you can get 3 months free MKBHD Merch: shop.MKBHD.com Video Gear I use: kit.co/MKBHD/video-gear#recom... Tech I'm using right now: www.amazon.com/shop/MKBHD Intro Tra...
AWD 4 Rotor missing 250+ HP at the 1000HP Dyno!  We found it with science!
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SimpliSafe is award -winning home security that keeps your home safe around the clock. It's really reliable, easy to use, and there are no contracts. Check out SimpliSafe here: simplisafe.com/robdahm T-Shirts: www.dahmracing.com/collections/shop Patreon for Build Videos: bit.ly/2koiw8G Insta...
Tinder Experiment: 18 Yr Old Woman Tries Being A Man!!!
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Tinder Experiment: In this social experiment an 18 year old woman creates a dating profile for a man and learns first hand how different the dating experience is for men. Access Exclusive Content: www.patreon.com/alexandergrace Check Your Testosterone Levels Here: trylgc.com/alexander Use thi...
I Found The Worlds CHEAPEST Porsche Taycan TURBO, the $200,000 Tesla killer
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Checkout the eBay motors app here - ebayvehicle.com/app/RichRebuilds Today I take an in depth look at the worlds first wrecked Porsche Taycan TURBO Please support us on Patreon www.patreon.com/RichRebuilds Tesla Referral Code: ts.la/richard52167 E-mail: [email protected] Instagram: i...
Uh, What is “Steam Cloud Play”?
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Get 10% Off XSplit VCam with offer code LINUSTECHTIPS at xspl.it/lttvcam GET MERCH: www.LTTStore.com/ SUPPORT US ON FLOATPLANE: www.floatplane.com/ LTX EXPO: www.ltxexpo.com/ NEWS SOURCES LOTTA STEAM MAKES A CLOUD. SCIENCE. Steam Cloud Play beta www.pcgamesn.com/steam/cloud-play www.pcgamer.co...
Unboxing Apple's New 13" MacBook Pro
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Sign up for Private Internet Access VPN at geni.us/piashortcircuit Was Apple able to shrink down the 16 inch to 13 inch without losing performance? Buy MacBook Pro 13-inch 2020 On Amazon (Paid Link): geni.us/ZalB On BHPhoto (Paid Link): geni.us/9u9t On NewEgg (Paid Link): geni.us/xNiQ Buy MacB...
Noah Schnapp DRAGGED for What He Does to Peaches, Gabbie Hanna's Secret Account Leaks?
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Gabbie Hanna gets criticized once again, and makes it onto the trending page on Twitter, and an actor from Stranger Things donates money to Lovely Peaches and people are not happy. Sources: [Gabbie Hanna] twitter.com/GabbieHanna instagram.com/gabbiehanna/ [Noah Schnapp] instagram.com/noahschna...
Why is this on the internet?
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Hi I'm a Finnish dancer and model. That's it. Follow my socials: Instagram: JOALIN (@_joalin) • Instagram photos and videos Twitter: Joalin Loukamaa (@joalin) | Twitter TikTok: vm.tiktok.com/pkJJPN/
Insane Apple Glass Leaks! Exclusive AR Glasses Features
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Exclusive Apple Glass Feature Leaks (feat. Max Weinbach), Apple's AR Glasses coming 2021 for $499! Apple Glass + LiDAR concept, all leaked features, iOS 13.5 jailbreak & more! Last iPhone 12 Spec Leaks fivid.info/videot/dYLHi4mog3CqiK4.html Phone Rebel Cases phonerebel.com/ (4x) iPho...
OnePlus messed up.
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The OnePlus 8 Pro comes fitted with a colour filter "X-Ray" camera, and its caused people privacy concerns and has been suspended in China - Whoops. Also credits to GSMArena and Getty images - I have used a few images from them, and forgot to add in visual accreditation Subscribe for ...
I Never Thought They Could Be This Good...
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Microsoft Surface Headphones 2 - amzn.to/2y7YMxI Sony WH1000XM3 (Retail) - amzn.to/3fUfYYG Sony WH1000XM3 (Discount) - amzn.to/3bMBOu5 FOLLOW ME IN THESE PLACES FOR UPDATES Twitter - twitter.com/unboxtherapy Facebook - facebook.com/lewis.hilsenteger Instagram - instagram.com/unboxtherapy
Corsair Waterblocks... oof
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A TON of people asked me to confirm whether or not the Corsair XG7 Waterblocks actually leak since this is something that was recently discussed in some other forums... so we decided to test this ourselves... **iFixit has over 60,000 tutorials and guides to help you repair your electronics FOR ...
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Go to NordVPN.com/forge and use code FORGE to get 70% off a 3 year plan plus 1 additional month free. Thank you to Nord for Sponsoring this! More information about NordVPN at fivid.info OUR PRODUCTS: alecsteeleco.com/ INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/alecsteele/ ALECSTEELECO FIvid: bit.ly/alecsteeleco...
LGR Oddware - Creative 3DO Blaster
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The Creative Labs 3DO Blaster from 1994 is a full 3DO game console packed onto an ISA expansion card. Combined with a Panasonic CD-ROM drive, it lets you play 3DO games within Windows 3.1! What an enjoyable and uncommon treat. ● LGR links: twitter.com/lazygamereviews facebook.com/LazyGameReviews...
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NEW VLOG! I ACTUALLY cut my bangs this time & my matcha latte recipe! Go to www.casetify.com/claudiauv today to get FREE shipping with your purchase of a UV Sanitizer and donate 100% of proceeds to GlobalGiving! Phone Case: www.casetify.com/product/compostable-case-customization LISTEN TO O...
Wife answers the ultimate question: Intel or AMD? Core i9-10900K vs. 3900X
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Intel has launched their 10th Gen Comet Lake-S desktop processors, and today we'll be pitting their new flagship Core-i9 10900K against the AMD Ryzen 9 3900X to see which $500 chip comes out on top. FOLLOW ME Twitter | Instagram | Facebook @bitwitkyle BECOME A BITBOI -Become a Chann...
PS5 and Xbox Mechanical Switch Keyboard! Mystery Tech
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When MYSTERY TECH wastes this much money on Amazon Ken is happy. I test MKBHD on how well he knows tech: fivid.info/videot/c37aeJ7FbXCqYrY.html Follow me on Twitch! www.twitch.tv/austinevans The Tesla Coil on Amazon: austin.tech/teslacoil GameSir VX2 Keyboard/Mouse for Xbox One and PS4 on Amazon...
Insane Custom Jurassic World PC - PW29
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Taking a look at some epic custom PC's submitted by the community! ►Get Dashlane for free on your first device at www.dashlane.com/techsource *This video is sponsored by Dashlane* ------------------------------------------------------------ ►How to enter PC Wars: fivid.info/videot/mozXgn3Slb...
We Found The New Hype House!
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We Found The New Hype House! SUBSCRIBE - bit.ly/ThomasPetrou Follow Me On My Socials! instagram.com/petroutv tiktok.com/@petroutv
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This never goes well, I need to stop giving people my phone! Thank you guys so much for watching and make sure to LIKE the video and SUBSCRIBE! Love you guys :) @Brent Rivera If you see this, comment Brent or Ben's most embarrassing picture from the video ;)
GOLD Apple Watch Under Water for 9 MONTHS! - Can i Fix it?!
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We finally found the 24 carat GOLD Apple watch that Dan lost 9 months ago. His Apple watch has been soaking in deep water for almost a YEAR. Can the apple watch survive being under water for that long? Can an Apple Watch marinate in a marina for 9 months and still live? The only way to find out f...
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Do you guys like the new house?? Get our book here: thomasnelson.com/p/coleandsav/ SUBSCRIBE to The LaBrant Fam!: bit.ly/SubToLaBrantFam SUBSCRIBE to Everleigh Opens Toys!: bit.ly/SubToEverleigh WATCH MORE: SURPRISING THE FAMILY: fivid.info/plistPLMfMYAG7EYW1cCqfK86gEzUwpqQoKQEZ4.html&...
Entitled Twitch Streamers   a rant
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AdamandEve.com. Code: GLARE. 50% Off 1 Item + Free Shipping in the US & Canada *some exclusions apply* ------------ Invadervie's apology: fivid.info/videot/lWbLd3vcp4RiqdQ.html ------------------------ Intro by : dserpentes.carrd.co/ -------------- PO Box: Ready To Glare 5942 Edinge...
This Completely Changed How I Use Social Media
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My habits course is ALMOST done. Get updates: mattdavella.com/email Say hi to my friend Jason: wanderingaimfully.com/ 🙊 Here are the goods I mention in this video: instagram.com/jasondoesstuff I quit social media for 30 days: fivid.info/videot/a7OdlI_OjaahYtA.html 💯 You can also follow me here:...
The NEW XPS 17 and XPS 15!
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Before a I review the XPS 17 9700 and XPS 15 9500 for 2020, here are my early hands on impressions. Better than an Apple MacBook in many ways, these are the best laptops from Dell! Laptop Skins - dbrand.com/XPS XPS 15 - From $1299 XPS 17 - From $1499 If you want to support the channel, consider...
I Restored This Yellowed Keyboard for My Home Office - Retro Tech Restoration
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Since everyone, including me, are working at home offices now I decided to restore this yellowed retro KeyTronic keyboard. It’s quite yellow and dirty, one of the keys even got stuck when I tested if the keys move properly. I will also connect it to modern laptop with only USB connectors. The ori...