A Mega Makeup Moment: The Finale - Instant Influencer 

James Charles
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In the season finale of Instant Influencer, the remaining artists are challenged to create the next makeup trend that could take over the industry. Mario Dedivanovic, makeup legend and trendsetter, joins us to give his expert advice. Which artist will win $50,000 and become the world's first Instant Influencer?!
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James Charles
James Charles 9 päivää sitten
THERE ARE SPOILER ALERTS IN THE COMMENTS! Pinning this so y'all don't see while watching 👀
Diego T.
Diego T. 7 päivää sitten
thank you for reminding me, i almost started scrolling through the comments lmao
Gacha Seoul's Stream Account
Gacha Seoul's Stream Account 9 päivää sitten
Too late the top comment told me who didn't win 😔
LilLove-Mari 9 päivää sitten
Tamara Simjanoska he did say, *”this season”*
Kenady and Kelista
Kenady and Kelista 9 päivää sitten
• c i n n a m o n • Too late sister 😂😂
mona Mona
mona Mona 9 päivää sitten
Season 2 should be with more artists and more episodes cuz this was so much fun to watch love you James ❤️
Maryfer Moreno
Maryfer Moreno 11 tuntia sitten
benny doeeeee
Bryce Turner
Bryce Turner 11 tuntia sitten
Calvin Ching
Calvin Ching 11 tuntia sitten
Why is James wearing a dress
kitsune rose
kitsune rose 11 tuntia sitten
I've never seen 676k liked on a video so earlyb
Cvaleria 774
Cvaleria 774 11 tuntia sitten
Me still watching this like 32993 times
Leia 12 tuntia sitten
I feel like Caitlin should’ve won, even tho she didn’t win every challenge.. Ashley is trying to be relatable because she was a teen mom. But Caitlin wanted to prove she wasn’t cookie cutter because everyone thought she was a basic white girl. Her make up will killlller and she showed emotions and showed she cares unlike Ashley
Nina Greatie
Nina Greatie 12 tuntia sitten
This is basically how I saw the contestants... 💋Ashley: Wonderful thinker and mother. Her unique concepts and amazing execution totally make her deserving of the win. 🧚🏽 Kailin: Authentic cutie and adorably awkward. Though she doubted herself, she always pulled through in the end. I see a lot of me in her as im sure many ppl can. Despite her selfdoubt costing her time, and confidence, it was her greatest motivator. 🤪Benny: Quirky teenager, young and full of potential. It was hard for me to see who he really was, and that could be because he is young and trying to find himself, which I get bc we're basically the same age. He has so much infront of him and though he didn't win, there is much to take away from this competition for his makeup journey, and life!
CoolKid29NH 12 tuntia sitten
James I feel that you should have some of the younger people you bring on the show to have a second chance in like a year or two so we can see how much they’ve learned and evolved.
grace rose
grace rose 12 tuntia sitten
Kailin is the true bubbly that Brittney wanted to be
Kirstin Reese
Kirstin Reese 12 tuntia sitten
i looove ashley but i think kailin’s look had more meaning and potential to be a better trend they both are amazing artists and so is benny but i think kailin should’ve won but i still love ashley and benny ❤️👏🏻
꧁Mikki꧂ xp
꧁Mikki꧂ xp 12 tuntia sitten
People, please stop hating on Benny. He could see these, it's not helping his growth and it's just plain rude. I get he made some mistakes but every comment on here is so negative and we get it, he was rude. This show is to supposed to inspire others not to criticize.
grace rose
grace rose 12 tuntia sitten
Does anyone think that kailin should've won this episode but that ashley should've won the show?
Joharis Figueroa
Joharis Figueroa 12 tuntia sitten
Hey guys!!! I just recreated the final look that Ashley did for instant Influencer it was hilarious🤣 You guys should go check it out!
Raianna _Star
Raianna _Star 12 tuntia sitten
I love you oh my God you're so cute
Chloe' Jones
Chloe' Jones 12 tuntia sitten
I already love these epic episodes I think you should do more of these
Hannah Shea
Hannah Shea 12 tuntia sitten
did i ACTUALLY just hear benny say “i think the only way that this will feel right is if i win.” NO. YOU DID NOT-
Doodle 13 tuntia sitten
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2191">36:31</a> Teleprompter speech. It’s sad people have to pretend they are being real.
Shira Mizrahi
Shira Mizrahi 13 tuntia sitten
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2055">34:15</a> I love how normani says that whoever the winner is “SHE” should be able to do that too seems like she was rooting for one of the girls
Lily G for gymnast
Lily G for gymnast 13 tuntia sitten
AHHAAH I was watching the live chat and it just said "bye bye Benny"
Shira Mizrahi
Shira Mizrahi 13 tuntia sitten
I knew she was gonna win from the beginning
Alyza Pineda
Alyza Pineda 13 tuntia sitten
Is that real 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂
AnamDraws 13 tuntia sitten
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="731">12:11</a> Benny: “This is not good...this is bad” Hmmm yes the floor here is made out of floor
EnVy KarRnAgE
EnVy KarRnAgE 13 tuntia sitten
Why it cut to the ad when he said right now
Hylan Ma
Hylan Ma 13 tuntia sitten
Coro teen
Chloe Stephens
Chloe Stephens 13 tuntia sitten
Ugh kailin deserved it tho🙄
Iamspania 14 tuntia sitten
im sorry but benny's look was a hot mess ...
Marlee Guraleczka
Marlee Guraleczka 14 tuntia sitten
I knew she was gonna win from day 1
Erik J. Barrientos Paniagua
i want season 2. thank you very much, erik
Erik J. Barrientos Paniagua
Kendall Dewitt
Kendall Dewitt 14 tuntia sitten
I was literally about to cry they all look Beautiful and Benny had some confidence 😊😭
Celina Rico
Celina Rico 14 tuntia sitten
AM Mad it shoudnt be ashley no hate girl PERIORD
Jennifer Adams
Jennifer Adams 14 tuntia sitten
Ashley's look looked dumb to be lol..
Jennifer Adams
Jennifer Adams 14 tuntia sitten
I had my oldest when I was 16 lol so what I wouldn't want that to be one of my main things on my FIvid channel I don't think anyone is proud of me for it even though I don't care if people judge me for it.
Emma Rymar
Emma Rymar 14 tuntia sitten
Kailin really deserve to win that
Mindy M
Mindy M 14 tuntia sitten
Camryn Bogart
Camryn Bogart 14 tuntia sitten
I really love Kalins idea its super positive and i hope she does become an influencer in the near future
Camryn Bogart
Camryn Bogart 15 tuntia sitten
If i got to meet Mario i would have fainted when i seen him on here i was like 😝
Just Ky
Just Ky 15 tuntia sitten
Heyyyyy already finished when it all came out
Georgia Walsh
Georgia Walsh 15 tuntia sitten
I love you and your videos!!!!! Don’t let those awful haters bring you down! Please reply!!!
wendy Rodriguez
wendy Rodriguez 15 tuntia sitten
I’m so sorry but Benny is not it
Emily Smith
Emily Smith 15 tuntia sitten
None of these looks were that good
•Berry Chill•
•Berry Chill• 15 tuntia sitten
My god Benny- did he really just tell the girls he needed to win? Lmao 😂
WORLD OF MIYA 15 tuntia sitten
I am happy for Ashley but I feel that Katlin should've won
sammy 15 tuntia sitten
Benny : Commitment Me : ok whatever Benny : commitment ,commitment Me : oh my God😤 Benny : cOmItMeNt Me : REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Elyse Kinscher
Elyse Kinscher 15 tuntia sitten
Kaylin Pearson
Kaylin Pearson 15 tuntia sitten
Like bc if you knew that Ashley had it in the bag from episode one when nirvana kept saying she was professional
Moonshadow elf
Moonshadow elf 15 tuntia sitten
Guys, not enough people are talking about kalin’s look. So creative and talented Inspiring.
Staci Williams
Staci Williams 16 tuntia sitten
It is an amazing show I love the way it influences what you feel
Emily Barber
Emily Barber 16 tuntia sitten
It’s like Kaitlyn should’ve won
Montana Brooke
Montana Brooke 16 tuntia sitten
James! We are so proud of you, this series was beautiful and you are a wonderful host. Congratulations to Ashley ❤❤
Rajes 16 tuntia sitten
Kailin should be the winner!!! I thought she would be😒
kayla 16 tuntia sitten
i wish kailin won she was the most talented here
:-D 16 tuntia sitten
kailin should've won
Lydia Carattini
Lydia Carattini 16 tuntia sitten
“The deer in the headlights pose” 🤣 deadass
iM Dee
iM Dee 16 tuntia sitten
Congratulations Ashley 👏👏🎉
a bottle of Windex
a bottle of Windex 16 tuntia sitten
If i could make a trend, i would either bring out my flaws as like a beauty thing or put zentagles my contour
msndrstdwlf BB
msndrstdwlf BB 16 tuntia sitten
Not looking feirce bunny bennie. We love ya boy but your going to mature into yourself. I promise.
ItsK 16 tuntia sitten
Benny: “It’s taught me to be humble”. Also Benny: “it would only be complete if I won”
bxbbles bby
bxbbles bby 16 tuntia sitten
Daisy Renteria
Daisy Renteria 17 tuntia sitten
Precious Merritt
Precious Merritt 17 tuntia sitten
brooo no hate but ashley was uglyasf kaylin shouuld have won
Angel Jorolan
Angel Jorolan 17 tuntia sitten
Caleigh Seevers
Caleigh Seevers 17 tuntia sitten
This whole thing felt like I was being punkd🤣 they spare so many feelings throughout these episodes
dark_ jack
dark_ jack 17 tuntia sitten
Joharis Figueroa
Joharis Figueroa 17 tuntia sitten
I just posted a video of me re-creating Ashelys final look! You guys should go check it out. Let me know if you guys enjoyed it🥰
2028.Scarlett Shdeed
2028.Scarlett Shdeed 17 tuntia sitten
I love benny that's not fair was awesome he deserved it im sorry if im being loud but that was just not fair
MaryFaith Mobley
MaryFaith Mobley 17 tuntia sitten
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1799">29:59</a> <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1803">30:03</a> BENNY😂😂😂😂
Katelin Parra-Castro
Katelin Parra-Castro 17 tuntia sitten
Benny’s look reminds me of the scene from Mrs. Doubtfire when he smashed his face in the cake
Katelin Parra-Castro
Katelin Parra-Castro 17 tuntia sitten
Even the photographer looked like he didn’t like benny’s look
Ella Jorgensen
Ella Jorgensen 17 tuntia sitten
Not to be rude but I do not like Benny
Library Media Center
Library Media Center 17 tuntia sitten
i hated Benny from the beginning, he rubs me the wrong way. And with that attitude. *No.*
Katelin Parra-Castro
Katelin Parra-Castro 17 tuntia sitten
Benny was just extra annoying in this episode
MARISSA JUAREZ 18 tuntia sitten
Library Media Center
Library Media Center 18 tuntia sitten
James should make 6 seasons and at the end have the 6 winners compete to see who is the *Ultimate INSTANT Influencer*
Niels vlog
Niels vlog 18 tuntia sitten
If i will make a make up look, i will make a corona virus inspired look
Elesha McIntosh
Elesha McIntosh 18 tuntia sitten
I love you
Vanessa Jimenez
Vanessa Jimenez 18 tuntia sitten
Josie Adkins
Josie Adkins 18 tuntia sitten
Kailin is very inspirational I love her
cosmiczyx 18 tuntia sitten
"maybe this is the next halloween trend. thank you mario." okay jesus that was just disrespectful 💀
Boey H.
Boey H. 18 tuntia sitten
James someone is pretending to be you. It's on your community page. Your 21st Bday. (Happy B-day BTW, hope it's going to be sister special!) The person is doing an Iphone 11 give away. Idk if it's you or not. But pls answer to me is possible. I'd like an answer if possible. Thank you for being the sister we know and love, happy birthday!
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